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Sermon for Invocabit, the First Sunday in Lent, AD 2022
March 6th, 2022
The first lesson in the catechism is the First Commandment, and hopefully all the confirmation students here should have this learned by heart, “You shall have no other Gods.” As you know from the exp...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for Advent Midweek Service, December 1, AD 2021
December 1st, 2021
At a time about 250 years after Solomon and 700 years before Christ, the people of God are divided into two kingdoms – Israel and Judah. While Judah has Jerusalem, the temple, and thus the place of tr...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for the Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity, AD 2021
September 7th, 2021
Truly God wants to strengthen us, heal us, and give us every good thing, for He is our loving Father. But he does not want us to depend on our own strength. He calls us baptized to the Lord’s Supper, ...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for Judica, the Fifth Sunday in Lent, AD 2021
March 21st, 2021
The great blessing of having the Bible, the Word of God, so accessible to us is that we can come back to it again and again to re-orient ourselves in the midst of life. To be ‘oriented’ is to be faced...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for Invocabit, the first Sunday in Lent, AD 2021
February 21st, 2021
Sometimes when we think of Jesus as our God and Lord, which He is, we put Him into a place so beyond ourselves that it seems hard to relate to Him. When we view Jesus as one who is far beyond us in po...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost, AD 2020
September 28th, 2020
The myth is that when we see that false god is only a man all of his power is taken away. Think of the wizard of Oz, no longer so impressive when we look behind the curtain. Yet what we fear, love, an...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti