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Sermon for Rorate Coeli, the Fourth Sunday in Advent, AD 2021
December 19th, 2021
In modern American Christianity, a testimony is often what one person tells another person, usually a friend or acquaintance, about what God has done for them. Sometimes it can be a long story about h...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for Sexagesima, AD 2021
February 8th, 2021
“All flesh is like grass and all its glory like the flower of grass.” One doesn’t have to have been alive very long or very perceptive to recognize that almost nothing in this world lasts. ...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for the Baptism of Our Lord, AD 2021
January 11th, 2021
The baptism of Jesus is recounted in three of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and in John it is mentioned after already having happened. You can be sure that when an event in Jesus’ life is in a...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for the Eve of the Circumcision and Name of Jesus, AD 2020
January 1st, 2021
There is an odd trend of people treating the year 2020 itself as if it were a person who brought about all these problems....  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for Christmas Eve, AD 2020
December 29th, 2020
“Fear not!” Cries the angel appearing before the shepherds. Why does the angel cry this? What is there to fear with angels?...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for Advent Midweek Service, December 16, AD 2020
December 17th, 2020
Here in Isaiah we have the Law and the Gospel given in clear terms as the Lord speaks through the prophet. ...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for Gaudete, the Third Sunday in Advent, AD 2020
December 14th, 2020
“Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?” Why does John the Baptist send his disciples to ask Jesus this question? It is a question of doubt from the very one who was sent to pre...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for the Funeral of Marjorie A. Fischer, November 24, AD 2020
November 24th, 2020
For Advent means “coming,” and it is a season that anticipates the coming of Jesus as a baby in the manger in Bethlehem on Christmas morning. But this is not the only coming that Advent anticipates. A...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for the Memorial of Allen Thomason, August 29, AD 2020
August 29th, 2020
Waiting is never pleasant. It’s never what we want to do. Waiting is what we do when we are trying to do something else. Yet Isaiah says here that those who have waited are those who will be glad and ...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti