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Sermon for Sexagesima, AD 2022
February 21st, 2022
Jesus tells a parable of the sower who sows one seed in four different places. Only in the good soil does the seed grow into a plant that yields a harvest, but in the good soil it yields a great harve...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for Rogate, the Sixth Sunday of Easter, AD 2021
May 9th, 2021
In the Small Catechism explanation of Our Father who art in heaven, Luther explains that we come to God in prayer as dear children ask their dear Father, asking Him confidently and boldly for our need...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for the Second Sunday after Christmas, AD 2021
January 4th, 2021
While you should not consider this a law from God, it is usually best to baptize a child as soon as he is able to come to church. His need is great – despite innocent appearance every child born is co...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for a Day of Thanksgiving, November 25/26, AD 2020
November 25th, 2020
When old traditions stop it can make us uncomfortable. So here’s something traditional, something always associated with Thanksgiving – the Pilgrims - those hardy Englishmen and women who came to the ...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti
Sermon for the Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost, AD 2020
November 16th, 2020
Our world is full of distrust. We don’t have to look around much to see that trust seems to be at an all time low. Divided, polarized, split – all these terms are constantly used to describe the state...  Read More
by Pastor Antonetti